WCTPay Prepaid Card

WCTPay Rewards card has the lot!! It is a convenient way to carry money in Australia without the risk of carrying cash and allows you to receive huge rewards

  • Huge discounts and vouchers to more than 20,000 merchants across a wide range of categories, entertainment, dining, travel, shopping and more.
  • allows you to make EFTPOS and on-line purchases.
  • Pay for groceries, petrol and other day-to-day necessities
  • transfer money to friends and family locally and internationally
  • can be used in Australia to withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases using EFTPOS

Get the first debit card of its kind offering coupons, exclusive vouchers and special offer updates built into the card. At a low price that pays for itself as soon as the first time you use it!

Order your WCTPay Rewards card by selecting the BUY NOW button below or to login to your card account please use the links below.

Currency: AUD
Max. Balance: AUD $1000
Cost: AUD $39.95 + AUD $3.95 for Standard shipping



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