Where do I go to transfer money?

World Cash Transfers has a range of retail partners operating as WCT Agent outlets where you can transfer money. For your nearest Agent please view our Agent Locations or Contact WCT or call +61 1300 788 273.

How much money can I send?

Depending on the currency, you can send up to approximately $1000 in a single transaction; with a monthly transfer limit applicable. If you need to send more than the transaction limit, ask at your Agent outlet and they will contact World Cash Transfers for authorisation.

When will my money be ready to collect?

Regular transactions are processed immediately and are available to collect minutes after the transaction is completed. As special arrangements must be made for large transactions, the transfer time may vary depending on the amount being sent and the location of the collection outlet.

How will my Recipient know when they can collect their money?

If you register the mobile phone number of your Recipient, you can have an SMS notification sent letting them know their money is ready for collection. The SMS will also contain the Send Number which your recipient will need to collect their money. If you don’t choose to send your Recipient an SMS, you will need to contact them to give them the Send Number (which is printed on your receipt).