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August 4, 2010


World Cash Transfers has launched online money transfers offering cheap, and in some cases transaction-free, money transfers from Australia to Pakistan, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Philippines, China and more.

World Cash Transfers (WCT) has broadened its remittance services to include an online money transfer website called ‘WCTPay’. Customers can send money from the comfort of home and choose from a range of convenient payment options including bank deposit, bank transfer, Poli, BPay and PayWay.

For customers familiar with internet banking this new service is a breeze and as soon as cleared funds are received the cash transfer is available for collection instantly! Bank deposit and PayWay options also mean that customers can deposit money at any Westpac branch or at over 19,000 Australia Post locations.

Several types of money transfers are available including cash transfers which can be collected at an Agent, bank transfers which are deposited directly into a nominated bank account and soon customers will be able to send money to any debit or credit card worldwide!

Remittance is a $500 billion per year industry and a key goal for WCT is to provide cheap and easy money transfer services. WCT is also set to release its mobile money transfers with global telco partner Paytoo Mobile. For more information please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 1300 788 273.

July 20, 2010


Global remittance company World Cash Transfers joins GSM Telecommunications specialist Paytoo Mobile to launch a global SIM offering routed local calling in place of roaming and huge savings to go with it.

Saving travellers up to 80% on roaming fees, the Paytoo product has call coverage in over 200 countries, data coverage in 140 countries and users can save over two dollars per minute on selected rates compared to other international roaming SIM providers.

Gold Coast based company World Cash Transfers (WCT) acknowledges the link between remittance customers and international call customers, but sealed the partnership based on an extraordinary feature of the SIM—a built in universal mobile wallet which allows funds to be transferred between any mobile handsets worldwide. 
Launching the global SIM into Australasia, WCT will offer this economical global SIM product for holidaymakers, backpackers, business travellers and migrant workers through a selection of telco-style retail outlets and online.

To complete the mobile wallet offering WCT will domesticate local markets by linking the Paytoo mobile wallet with local currency debit cards to allow users to access their funds via ATMs and EFTPOS facilities. This final integration will allow WCT to release to its remittance customers a new and convenient way to send money via mobile phone.
With far more people owning a mobile phone than having internet access, especially in developing countries, using a mobile for money transfers is without doubt the way of the future for this industry. For more information about the global SIM or mobile money transfers, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1300 788 273.

Nov 02, 2009


World Cash Transfers and Smart Ventures have partnered to introduce global money transfers that offer consumers low fees, instant transactions and a streamlined funds transfer experience.

Family remitters can now send money home easier, and cheaper, than ever before. By cutting back paperwork and transaction fees and offering instant transactions, World Cash Transfers has reduced both the time and cost of sending money. Customers welcome the affordable fees, while service providers applaud the fresh approach which means faster processing and fewer queues.

As the name suggests, World Cash Transfers is working towards a global distribution network. Collaboration with Smart Ventures will see services being developed throughout Asia and the Middle East. New services are expected to be welcomed by growing migrant communities in Australia and abroad who are limited in their choice of remittance providers.

“Our community based service is about reducing fees for customers and making the process quick and easy,” explains World Cash Transfers CEO, Martin Callaghan. “We wanted to remove the need for complicated forms and provide an instant service. There’s no reason family remittance should take days, and the fees some institutions charge disadvantage customers who’d like to send money home more often,” adds Mr Callaghan.

A prime objective of both companies is to ensure the service is community based. Smart Ventures will assist World Cash Transfers by setting up locally operated outlets to provide a range of flexible remittance options for senders and their beneficiaries — in line with World Cash Transfers’ motto ‘Your Cash. Your Way’.

World Cash Transfers also offers various corporate programs catering to international payment solutions with a focus on cost-effective bulk payments and debit card programs suited to commission-based payments and payroll.

World Cash Transfers is a company with a long-term vision – to provide better and more affordable services to a largely underserviced remittance market. The company has built unique software technology which processes international transfers and payments while offering full AML/CTF compliance reporting and data management in line with AUSTRAC regulatory requirements. WCT has formed strategic partnerships to offer worldwide access to remitters and provide economical processing for international payments of all kinds.

For further information contact Smart Ventures (A Division of Community Financial Services Group), phone , or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Aug 01, 2008

Doors Open for Money Transfers to Samoa

Samoans in Australia can send money home easier, and cheaper, than ever before. By cutting down paperwork and transaction fees while offering ‘instant’ transfers, new service provider World Cash Transfers is poised to redefine the remittance market.

World Cash Transfers is a money transfer service that has reduced the time and cost of sending money. Competitive transaction fees and foreign exchange rates along with instant transactions tick all the boxes for consumers. Meanwhile, retailers applaud the fresh approach which means faster processing and fewer queues.

By issuing a customer card which stores identification details, World Cash Transfers doesn’t require customers fill in lengthy forms to transfer money. Customers show their card and confirm ID at a participating outlet and pay a low transaction fee to transfer money — which is available immediately to their recipient in Samoa from a range of collection points.

World Cash Transfers has opened its first Australian retail outlet at Samoan Travel, 3/180-184 Macquarie Street in the West Sydney suburb of Liverpool, with further outlets opening nationally in the coming weeks. While initially only offering money transfers to Samoa, transfers to other Pacific Island destinations will soon be available.

To perform a money transfer at a World Cash Transfers outlet, customers are required to complete a once-off application form to receive their customer card. They have the option to provide the details of their regular recipients, which will reduce future transaction times even further. Once registered, customers can send money from any World Cash Transfers outlet. Customers can also send unregistered money transfers with minimal paperwork and ID.

As the name suggests, World Cash Transfers is working towards providing money transfers to destinations worldwide, ensuring the service is available for a range of Australian migrant communities. Offering additional methods of funds transfer such as mobile money transfers and home internet transfers is an area of interest for World Cash Transfers, one that would increase convenience and lower transaction fees further still.

For more information and a list of outlets in Australia and Samoa visit the website or call Customer Service toll free on 1800 157 706, or call Samoan Travel on 9824 1311.