PayToo Mobile

Travellers, start saving now and reduce roaming fees by up to 80%! They can be used in any unlocked GSM phone. We offer the largest network with coverage in over 200 countries.

Features & Benefits:

  • Make Calls in over 200 countries
  • Free VoIP calls between users
  • Calling card access, SMS call back
  • Largest GSM network in the world
  • Lowest world GSM rates
  • 3G Data when available - over 120 countries covered for DATA
  • 24/7 Live customer support from an International call centre in 3 different languages
  • One balance working for all communication needs.
  • SMS call back for local phones using same balance
  • Incoming local number from more than 35 countries

Currency: Call Credits/Funds in USD
Cost: AUD $45.00 (includes USD$10.00 call credits) + AUD $5.00 P&H




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